Has Santander Repossessed Your Car?


In mid-2020, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody obtained a huge settlement with Santander Consumer, USA, the nation’s largest subprime auto loan company. The settlement provided eligible Floridians with $7.7 million in consumer restitution and more than $35 million in waivers for balances owed on particular auto loans the company holds.

It was alleged that Santander’s lending practices “unfairly and deceptively extending credit to consumers that Santander knew or should have known there was no reasonable probability the consumer would be able to repay.” Santander is also accused of not disclosing to consumers that they were obtaining credit on terms “that were likely to fail.” Moreover, the claims against Santander looked over falsified information on loan applications including income amounts and expenses.

Santander agreed to modify its practices before extending future auto financing.

Santander will repay Moody and company $2 million for settlement administration and $5 million to the states for investigative costs.

Have you had a car financed through Santander Consumer USA?

Did you feel pressured to buy a vehicle service contract?

Was your income exaggerated, to seem more than it was, in order for you to qualify for an auto loan?

Do you have a negative report on your credit report, due to money owed on an auto loan to Santander?

Was your vehicle repossessed when you defaulted on a loan furnished by Santander?

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