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Repossessions and the Collection of Illegal Fees

While most state laws permit a creditor to repossess a motor vehicle in the case of a default in payments, it is generally the case that the recovery agent allow the owner to recover any personal property remaining in the vehicle at the time of repossession.   Florida Statute Section 537.021(2) spells it out very clearly… Continue reading Repossessions and the Collection of Illegal Fees

How Can I Stop a Wage Garnishment?

A wage garnishment is shocking because it always comes without notice. If your wages have been garnished, this means that you have a judgment against you. A wage garnishment is a legal tool that creditors use to try to get your money.  And, it makes your employer the debt collector a portion of your paycheck.… Continue reading How Can I Stop a Wage Garnishment?

Illegal Repossessions

The practice of wrongful repossessions has been targeted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The CFPB has highlighted illegal conduct including the illegal repossession of cars, sloppy record keeping, unreliable balance statements, and ransom for personal property. High car prices, the CFPB says, has caused auto lenders and investors to seize vehicles for resale in… Continue reading Illegal Repossessions

What to Do If Your Car is Repossessed

Having your car repossessed is an upsetting experience.  We all need our cars on a daily basis for transportation to school, work, grocery shopping and medical appointments.   Being behind on car payments is one thing, but it is far more terrifying to go outside and find your car missing or, worse yet, being repossessed!  Most… Continue reading What to Do If Your Car is Repossessed

Unlawful nursing home debt collection

Nursing homes and debt collectors are flouting a law that prohibits them from requiring friends and family of care home residents to shoulder the costs of the facilities, according to a federal report issued Thursday. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said friends and family members have had to declare bankruptcy, had their wages garnished and… Continue reading Unlawful nursing home debt collection

Amex Credit Card Lawsuits

Many original creditors do not file lawsuits or they sell their accounts to a debt buyer. Historically, American Express has not sold their defaulted credit card accounts to other debt collectors but has pursued them by filing credit card lawsuits. American Express will usually rely on witness’ testimony in a “business records affidavit” when attempting… Continue reading Amex Credit Card Lawsuits