LVNV Funding LLC – How to Handle a Debt Collection Lawsuit


Dealing with debt can be overwhelming, especially when facing a lawsuit from a debt collection agency like LVNV Funding LLC. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Today, we’ll guide you through understanding LVNV Funding, recognizing their presence on your credit report, and responding to their collection efforts. We’ll also provide insights on preparing for a debt collection lawsuit, navigating settlement negotiations, seeking help from our professionals, and preventing future debt collection issues. Let’s embark on this journey to ease the burden of debt collection lawsuits and regain control of your financial life.

Short summary

  • Understand LVNV. Funding LLC and their debt buying practices.
  • Recognize your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to protect yourself from unlawful collection tactics.
  • Take proactive steps, such as budgeting and monitoring expenditure, to prevent future debt collection issues.

Understanding the debt collection agency LVNV funding LLC

LVNV Funding LLC is a debt collection company that acquires unpaid debts and alleged debt from creditors and actively pursues debt holders. This debt buyer operates by purchasing debt at a discounted rate and aiming to collect the full amount, sometimes even engaging a local collection attorney to initiate legal proceedings to recoup the debt.

LVNV, for example. Funding is known for its aggressive debt collection practices, with pending class action suits against them for alleged harassment. When it comes to the debts they acquire, LVNV Funding sources them from credit card companies such as Capital One, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo.

Debt buying practices

LVNV Funding has a corporate structure that is intentionally perplexing, with Resurgent Capital Services acting as its primary collection agency. They acquire charge-off debts, which are debts that the original creditor has stopped trying to collect on after multiple missed payments.

When a creditor sells a debt, you will then owe the outstanding debt to the firm or debt collection agency that purchased it, in this case, LVNV Funding.

Role of resurgent capital services

Resurgent Capital Services is a management company that LVNV Funding entrusts with its accounts. Their primary function is to collect debts on behalf of LVNV Funding, with LVNV’s name appearing prominently on the relevant credit reports and paperwork.

Despite having an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, Resurgent Capital Services has received thousands of complaints recorded in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaint database.

Legal status of LVNV Funding LLC

While LVNV Funding is a legitimate debt collection company, consumers have initiated numerous class action lawsuits against them in multiple states. Various class action suits allege that LVNV Funding did not accurately communicate the amount of the debt or provide an itemized accounting of the debt owed.

LVNV Funding is facing several class action lawsuits related to their practices. These allege that the company misled consumers by deliberately not informing them that the age of the debt made it inadmissible to legal proceedings. These controversies highlight the importance of understanding your rights and the nature of LVNV Funding when dealing with debt collection issues.

Recognizing LVNV funding on your credit report

LVNV Funding may appear on credit reports as the new proprietor of a debt. If you receive a letter from LVNV Funding, it is possible that they have acquired an account in default and are now attempting to collect the debt from you. One of their first phone calls is typically an offer to resolve the debt.

If you do not accept their offer to settle or claim the debt, they may resort to legal measures and sometimes even harassment to obtain payment.

Impact on credit score

Having an account in collections with LVNV Funding can have a detrimental effect on your credit score. This negative impact can last for up to seven years on your credit report, even if the debt has been settled.

It’s crucial to be aware of this impact and take appropriate actions to address the issue and protect your credit score.

Disputing inaccuracies

If you believe that LVNV Funding appears erroneously on your credit report, you can dispute the inaccuracies by submitting a dispute to the credit bureau that is providing the inaccurate information. The dispute should include proof that the information is erroneous, such as a copy of the original debt agreement or a letter from the original creditor.

The credit bureau will then investigate the dispute and, if the information is determined to be inaccurate, will eliminate it from the credit report. It is conceivable to remove LVNV Funding, LLC from the credit report by contesting the remark if inaccurate or unverifiable information is reported.

Monitoring for potential fraud

It’s essential to monitor your credit report for potential fraud and discrepancies that may indicate your identity has been compromised. When it comes to monitoring for your safety, you have a few options. You can get free access to your credit report from all three major consumer credit bureaus. Simply visit and view it periodically.

By monitoring your credit on a regular basis, you may be able to detect any discrepancies or indications of potential fraud and take appropriate action to protect your financial well-being.

Responding to LVNV funding’s collection efforts

LVNV Funding LLC
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When responding to LVNV Funding’s collection attempts, it’s important to verify the debt and be aware of your rights as stipulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collection account agencies, like LVNV Funding, must adhere to these regulations to ensure fair debt collection practices.

When necessary, you may consult one of our debt settlement attorneys here at Consumer Right’s Orlando for legal advice.

Validating the fair debt collection practices

Requesting validation of the debt is a crucial step in ensuring that the debt is legitimate and that the debt collector has the legal authority to collect it. To validate the debt, you can send a Debt Validation Letter to the debt collector requesting proof of the debt.

It’s important to request this validation within 5 days of the debt collector’s initial contact.

Knowing your rights under FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) offers consumers protection from abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices by debt collections. Under the FDCPA, consumers are entitled to dispute the debt, request validation of the debt, and be free from harassment and abuse from debt collectors.

Being familiar with your rights under the FDCPA can empower you in dealing with LVNV Funding and other debt collectors.

Reporting violations

If you believe that LVNV Funding or another debt collector has violated the FDCPA, you may submit a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) through their online portal at or contact your state’s attorney general.

Reporting violations of the FDCPA assists in safeguarding consumers from unjust debt collections account procedures and holds debt collectors responsible for their actions. Failure to report violations may result in debt collectors continuing to utilize unfair practices, potentially causing further financial detriment for consumers.

Preparing for a debt collection lawsuit

LVNV Funding LLC
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Facing a debt collection lawsuit from LVNV Funding can be daunting, but proper preparation can make a difference. To prepare for a debt collection lawsuit, you should review the lawsuit documents, gather evidence and documentation, and identify potential defenses, especially if the lawsuit is related to credit card debt.

It is important to understand the legal process and the potential consequences of the lawsuit. Hire one of our licensed attorneys to represent you in court. Our team at Consumer Right’s Orlando can help you understand the legal process.

Reviewing the lawsuit documents

Thoroughly reviewing the lawsuit documents is crucial in understanding the claims made by LVNV Funding and preparing your defense. Make sure to examine the complaint, summons, any evidence provided by the plaintiff, and the certificate of service.

Do not accept the veracity of the claims simply because they are presented in writing.

Gathering evidence and documentation

Start by collecting any records regarding the debt, such as statements, bills, or other documents that demonstrate the amount owed, the date the debt was incurred, and the name of the original creditor. This will help you in the debt collection process.

This evidence and documentation can help bolster your case in a debt collection lawsuit and potentially lead to a favorable outcome.

Identifying potential defenses

Potential defenses to a debt collection lawsuit may include disputing the amount of the debt, lack of standing, statute of limitations, and improper service. Additionally, affirmative defenses may be employed to demonstrate that the defendant is not responsible for the debt.

Recognizing and utilizing these potential defenses can significantly impact the outcome of a debt collection lawsuit.

Navigating settlement negotiations

LVNV Funding LLC
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Negotiating a settlement with LVNV Funding may be a viable option for resolving the debt collection lawsuit. To successfully navigate settlement negotiations, you should consider timing, determine a reasonable settlement amount, and document the agreement in writing.

Timing is important when negotiating a settlement. You should consider when the debt was incurred, when the lawsuit was filed, and when the debt was sold to the collection agency. This will help you.

Timing considerations

Settlement negotiations in debt collection lawsuits generally occur after a lawsuit has been filed, but prior to a trial taking place. It is advisable to wait approximately 20-30 days after filing an Answer to send a settlement letter.

Being mindful of the appropriate timing for settlement negotiations can increase the likelihood of reaching a favorable agreement.

Determining a reasonable settlement amount

To ascertain a reasonable settlement amount in case of a default judgment, decide on the total amount you are willing to pay. Keep in mind that the amount you offer should be less than the amount owed.

By determining a reasonable settlement amount, you can enter negotiations with a clear goal in mind and increase your chances of reaching an agreement that works for both parties.

Documenting the agreement

LVNV Funding LLC
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Once a settlement agreement has been reached, it is crucial to document it in writing. This ensures that the terms of the agreement are recorded and can be referenced if necessary.

Having a written record of the settlement agreement can provide peace of mind and protect you from any further action by LVNV Funding or other debt collection agencies.

Seeking our professional assistance

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Although it’s possible to file lawsuits and navigate a debt collection lawsuit on your own, seeking professional assistance is highly recommended to evaluate your options, take advantage of our free consultation opportunities, and work with a legitimate company like ours. Our legal experts can provide invaluable insights and guidance throughout the process, helping you make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome.

Free consultation opportunities

Taking advantage of our free consultation opportunities with debt resolution experts can provide valuable insights into your class action lawsuit and help you evaluate your options during this legal matter. During a free consultation, you can discuss your case, ask questions, and receive notice and guidance on the best course of action.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of professionals who offer free consultations, as their expertise can be a valuable resource in your debt collection lawsuit.

Working with an experienced attorney you trust

An experienced attorney can offer beneficial advice and direction on how to manage a debt collection lawsuit from LVNV Funding LLC. They can assist in comprehending the legal procedure, recognize potential defenses, and negotiate a settlement.

Working with an experienced attorney from our reputable law firm can provide peace of mind and help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in the most effective manner possible.

Preventing future debt collection issues

LVNV Funding LLC
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Learning from your experiences with LVNV Funding and debt collection lawsuits can help you prevent future issues. By following financial planning tips, staying informed about debt collection laws, and establishing healthy financial habits, you can avoid future debt collection problems and maintain greater control over your finances.

Financial planning tips

Formulating a budget, monitoring your expenditures, and establishing achievable objectives are pertinent tips for avoiding future debt collection issues. It is essential to calculate your net income, catalogue your monthly outlays, designate fixed and variable expenses, and ascertain average monthly expenses.

Additionally, you should abstain from debt and save money for contingencies and future objectives. By following these financial planning tips, you can create a stable financial foundation and prevent future debt collection issues.

Staying informed about debt collection laws

In order to remain knowledgeable regarding debt collection laws, consumers should investigate the laws in their state, become familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and comprehend their rights as a consumer.

By staying informed about debt collection laws, you can better protect yourself from unfair debt collection practices and make informed decisions when dealing with debt collectors.

Establishing healthy financial habits

It is advisable for consumers to establish healthy financial habits, such as devising a budget, monitoring their expenditure, establishing achievable objectives, abstaining from debt, and saving money for contingencies and future objectives.

By cultivating healthy financial habits, you can avoid future debt collection issues and ensure long-term financial stability.


In conclusion, dealing with a debt collection lawsuit from LVNV Funding LLC can be overwhelming, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can successfully navigate the process. By understanding the nature of LVNV Funding, recognizing their presence on your credit report, responding to their collection efforts, preparing for a debt collection lawsuit, and negotiating settlements, you can regain control of your financial life. Remember, seeking our professional assistance and establishing healthy financial habits can help you prevent future debt collection issues and maintain long-term financial stability. Take charge of your financial future today!

Frequently asked questions

Does LVNV funding settle?

Based on the advice from SoloSuit Blog, it appears that LVNV Funding can settle debt. Negotiating a settlement with the company is an option and, if successful, could lead to a reduced payment agreement or partial debt forgiveness.

What happens after 7 years of not paying debt?

After 7 years of not paying your debt, it will no longer be included on your credit report. This means that you won’t face the negative consequences associated with such debt any longer.

However, you should be aware that this can be a big mistake as it is still possible for creditors to take legal action against you even after this date passes even if you simply ignore them for this time period.

How can I dispute inaccuracies on my credit report related to LVNV Funding?

If you believe that your credit report is inaccurate due to information from LVNV Funding, take action to dispute the inaccuracies. Start by submitting a dispute to the credit bureau that provided the wrong information. Provide proof that the information is erroneous, such as copies of original debt agreements or letters from the original creditor.

The credit bureau will investigate the dispute and remove any information found to be inaccurate from your credit report.

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