FSD Hot Rod Ranch Won’t Pay its Customers


JUNE 7, 2023


FSD Hot Rod Ranch is family-owned automobile business located in Eustis, Florida. They are in business of buying and selling classic cars, hot rods and vintage cars and they transact business with people all over the United States. They defrauded an individual named Perry Michael Orr, Jr. from Louisiana who shipped them his beautiful 1965 Chevy Pickup truck in return for the payment of $25,000. But, after many letters, emails and phone calls, FSD refused to pay him. Perry Michael Orr entered into a Settlement Agreement with Stephen Phelps, FSD, daughter, Loreanna Phelps, and Steve Johnson but they breached the Settlement Agreement and still did not pay even though they had agreed to pay in the Settlement Agreement. A Lake County Judge, Carla Pepperman, entered Judgment against Stephen Phelps, Steve Johnson and Loreanna Phelps (the owner’s daughter) for $22,500.00 for breaching the settlement agreement.

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FSD Hot Rod Ranch and Stephen Phelps have defrauded unsuspecting and innocent consumers all over the country.

The undisputed facts reveal that FSD, Stephen Phelps, a retired entrepreneur, and Stephen Johnson have engaged in a conspiracy to defraud its customers through a pattern of fraudulent and deceptive behavior in furtherance of enriching their individual and combined financial interests at the expense of innocent victims who sold their vehicles to FSD and expected to be paid.

FSD Won’t Deliver Title to the Cars it Sells

In addition to not paying customers, FSD will also not deliver title to the motor vehicle that was purchased by the customer. This situation arises because FSD sells cars for which is does not have the title. To elaborate, FSD will “buy” a motor vehicle from an innocent and trusting seller and refuse to pay the seller the agreed upon price. Naturally, without being paid, the unsuspecting seller will not transfer the title to the motor vehicle to FSD unless and until they are paid. So, FSD has plenty of cars for sale for which they have not titles. Yet, they sell those cars and never transfer the title. Among other things, it is a violation of Florida Law to offer for sale a motor vehicle unless you have possession of the title to that vehicle. Section 320.27(7) Florida Statutes. Moreover, once a dealer sells a vehicle, they must deliver title to that vehicle to the purchaser within 30 days of the sale. Section 319.23 (6)(a) Florida Statutes.

FSD Claims to Have a Huge Inventory

Steve Johnson is the purchasing manager for FSD and his job is to scour the internet and other sources looking for individuals who are advertising the sale of their hot rod or other vehicles.  He then narrows his search to include only vehicles that are compatible with the inventory needs of FSD.  

Once Steve Johnson locates a potential seller, he presents them with a contract for the sale of their vehicle to FSD.  In that contract, FSD promises to pay the customer for the sale of their vehicle.  However, at all times in performing his duties as purchasing manager for FSD and in acquiring vehicles for FSD, Steve Johnson knew that in most cases, FSD was either unable or unwilling to pay the customers for their vehicles.  Yet, he went ahead anyway acquiring vehicles for FSD from sellers around the United States who trusted that FSD would timely pay them for their vehicles.

While expanding inventory in most entrepreneurial enterprises involves a thoughtful analysis weighing the increase in expenditures against the advantages of additional inventory, FSD, with the aid of Stephen Phelps, Loreanna Phelps, his adult children, and Steve Johnson have made it a regular practice of acquiring inventory without paying for it, thereby gaining an unfair economic advantage over its competitors.

Essentially, FSD operates a Ponzi scheme by acquiring motor vehicles without paying the owners; then, eventually, paying owners who either sue them or complain the loudest from the proceeds of sales of other vehicles it acquired pursuant to its scheme to defraud. 

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Short summary

  • FSD Hot Rod Ranch is a family-run business by Steve Phelps, a retired entrepreneur, and his two adult children, in Eustis, Florida. Prior to retiring, Steve Phelps operated a Honda Automobile Dealership. He eventually retired and started FSD and claims to absolutely love. Steve Phelps claims to have a real passion for hot rods and classic cars.

  • FSD engages in a systematic practice of defrauding its customers with the assistance of Stephen Phelps, Steve Johnson and Loreanna Phelps. Phelps’ real passion is buying cars and not paying the sellers.

FSD and the Phelps Family

At the heart of FSD Hot Rod Ranch is the Phelps family – Stephen Phelps and his two adult children. FSD are initials for father-son-daughter. The entire family participate in the fraudulent activity involving classic cars and are integral participants in the Ponzi scheme.

FSD’s Location

FSD is located in beautiful Central Florida at 37245 County Road 439, Eustis, Florida, offering a scenic and convenient location for car enthusiasts. Nestled in sunny central Florida, the ranch is just an hour away from major cities like Orlando and the Orlando International Airport, making it an ideal destination for those looking to buy or sell a hot rod or classic car.



FSD claims to be a a family-owned automobile business located in beautiful Central Florida that offers what it claims to be “a unique and unforgettable experience” for classic car and hot rod enthusiasts. With an extensive inventory of cars that it did not pay for, FSD has a tremendous advantage over its competitors.

Frequently asked questions

Why won’t FSD Pay its Customers?

FSD does not pay its customers for several reasons. First, they are a criminal enterprises and delay and deception are the hallmark of their operation. In several cases, Stephen Phelps went so far in his efforts to deceive sellers that he sent he copies of checks payable to sellers along with a Federal Express envelope leading him to believe that payment was forthcoming and that the “check was in the mail.”  Second, FSD has been successful in not paying its customers. This is definitely an automobile dealership to pursue for fraud.

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