Debt Harassment


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Common Violations of the FDCPA


  • Use threats of violence or harm;
  • Publishing a list of names of people who refuse to pay their debts (but they can give this information to the credit reporting companies);
  • Use obscene or profane language; or
  • Repeatedly use the phone, text or email to annoy you or someone else.

False Statements

  • Falsely claim that they are attorneys or government representatives;
  • Falsely claim that you have committed a crime;
  • Falsely represent that they operate or work for a credit reporting company;
  • Misrepresent the amount you owe;
  • Indicate that papers they send you are legal forms if they aren’t; or
  • Indicate that papers they send to you aren’t legal forms if they are.

Debt Collectors Also Are Prohibited from Saying that:

  • You will be arrested if you don’t pay your debt;
  • They will seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages unless they are permitted by law to take the action and intend to do so;
  • or that legal action will be taken against you, if doing so would be illegal or if they don’t intend to take the action.

Debt Collectors May Not:

  • Give false credit information about you to anyone, including a credit reporting company;
  • Send you anything that looks like an official document from a court or government agency if it isn’t; or
  • Use a false company name.

Unfair and Deceptive Practices:

  • Try to collect any interest, fee, or other charge on top of the amount you owe unless the contract that created your debt – or your state law – allows the charge;
  • Deposit a post-dated check early;
  • Take or threaten to take your property unless it can be done legally; or
  • Contact you by postcard.


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