Credit card lawsuits in Florida


Greetings. My name is Jim Turner. I’m an attorney and I’m the owner and operator of the Debt Relief Law Center in Orlando, Florida. We help people who are having problems with debts. One of the things that my firm specializes in is defending credit card lawsuits. So if you have been sued on a credit card, we make the following suggestions. Number one, read the lawsuit over carefully. Make sure that you understand all of the deadlines. Over 80% of all credit card lawsuits end up in a default. You don’t want to be there. Number two, does the plaintiff own the debt? Were you sued by a debt buyer like Cavalry SPV or Portfolio Recovery, Velocity International, Midland Funding? These entities are debt buyers and they must prove that they own the debt through documentation. Number three, has it been more than five years since you have made the last payment on the credit card debt? If you live in Florida, you may be able to get that lawsuit dismissed based upon the statute of limitations.

Number four, do you owe the debt? Maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe you have filed for bankruptcy and the debt has been discharged. It’s certainly worth looking into. Number five, contact the lawyer who represents the plaintiff. See if you can resolve the debt for a substantial discount. We’d love to talk to you. We’d love to help you. Please feel free to call us.

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