Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

If you are facing a credit card lawsuit from a debt collection agency or credit card company, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced credit card debt attorney like Debt Relief Law Center. We offer assistance to those facing a credit card lawsuit. With the increase in delinquent debt and debt being passed on to untrustworthy collection agencies, having a lawyer like us to safeguard your interests is crucial!

Our area of expertise is representing Florida consumers in credit card lawsuits. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people have their account turned over to collections every day. Many people receive summons on a credit card debt claim everyday. Credit card companies are massive and will do what they can to recover or settle even a small amount of the debt. Contact us today for help.


What are the chances of winning my credit card lawsuit in Florida?
We have a strong track record of winning these credit card lawsuits so please contact us.

Can I avoid the lawsuit or have it cancelled?
Yes, please contact our office asap so we can get started.

Do I need a lawyer/attorney to help with my credit card lawsuit?
Yes! Your credit card company or collection agency has a lawyer, you need one too if you want to win!

Are you being sued by a credit card company?

It’s crucial not to neglect the lawsuit. If you fail to respond to a claim, a default judgement could be made against you. Our first step is to assess your potential defenses in the credit card lawsuit. We will begin by checking if the debt collector has all the necessary documentation to prove they establish ownership and have the right to sue you. This is known as “standing.”

We will also investigate if the bank or debt collectors have violated any laws in their collection activities or if the statute of limitations has expired. If we find that you do not have valid defenses, we will assist you in creating a payment plan that fits your budget and may involve debt reduction and monthly payments.

Many of these people owed the debt but we were able to have their case dismissed or have the client enter into a manageable le payment plan. Our former customers were from Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, Polk and Lake Counties, Florida. We also assisted numerous clients who were considering filing bankruptcy.

We understand that financial difficulties can be a very stressful situation and are here to offer you solutions tailored to your individual needs. No matter what your financial situation is, we will work with you to determine the best options for getting back on track with your credit. We have experienced attorneys on hand to help guide you through every step of the debt lawsuits relief process. Whether it’s negotiating settlements or providing legal counsel, our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping you get a fresh start financially.

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Florida
Credit card lawsuit defense Florida

How do I respond to a credit card lawsuit in Florida?

If you have been served with a lawsuit for credit card debt in Florida, it is important to take immediate action. Credit card companies are well within their rights to sue consumers for unpaid debts, and failure to respond can lead to a default judgment in favor of the creditor. In some cases, other debt lawsuits even medical debt may be included in the suit. The first step is to identify the specific details of the lawsuit filed against you by looking at all documents that were sent or provided by the court. Once these are reviewed, make sure to file your written response no later than twenty days from when you received notice of the suit.

Responding to your credit card company lawsuit

This should include any valid defenses or counterclaims that could be raised. It is also important to note that if you do not provide proof or respond to the suit, a default judgment can be entered against you. If you have been sued for credit card debt in Florida, it is critical to take immediate action to defend yourself by reviewing all documents sent by the creditor to the court and filing a written response no later than twenty days from when you received notice of the lawsuit. Before you respond to your credit card company please speak to us so we can advise you!

What is a debt buyer?

A debt buyer is a company that purchases delinquent and charged off debts from creditors or original lenders, such as banks, credit unions or credit card companies. Debt buyers typically purchase large portfolios of defaulted consumer loans at a discounted rate. Once the debt has been purchased by the debt buyer, they become responsible for the payments and collecting the unpaid balance on behalf of the debtor or original creditor.

What debt collectors do

Debt buyers are subject to all state and federal laws governing collections activities but often have additional restrictions placed upon them based on their status as a third-party collector. For example, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt buyers must adhere to certain rules and regulations when attempting to pay to collect an amount owed. This statute includes prohibitions against harassing contact methods, such as threatening calls or emails, and the ability for consumers to dispute information contained within their credit report.

It’s important to remember that debt buyers are not loan originators. They do not lend money; they merely purchase existing loans from original lenders in order to collect on and repay them. Therefore, it is essential for consumers to be aware of their rights under both state law and federal law when dealing with debt buyers.

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Florida
How to get a debt lawsuit dismissed

Is the debt collector a scammer?

The debt collector may not be a scammer, but they are likely to be aggressive and relentless in their pursuit of collecting what you owe. It is important to understand that if the debt collector makes false or misleading claims about your debt or threatens to file a debt collection agencies lawsuit or take other legal action without really intending to do so, then they are engaging in illegal conduct and you should seek legal advice immediately before facing fraudulent charges. If a debt collection lawsuit complaint is filed against you, it’s best to pay out to hire an experienced debt collection attorney who can help protect your rights.

Credit card debt – different circumstances

Depending on the circumstances and certain actions, the attorney (us) may be able to negotiate with the creditor for a possible settlement that will reduce or even eliminate the amount owed. Additionally, having someone knowledgeable about credit card law, bankruptcy, and debt defense law review any potential documents can relieve any anxieties you may have about the pending credit card debt lawsuit. Ultimately, it is important to understand that debt collectors are just trying to do their job and must follow specific laws when collecting a debt. If they overstep those boundaries, you should take action right away.

Once you decide to hire us

As soon as you hire us, we will send you a written fee agreement. Our flat-fee structure applies to credit card company defense cases. After that, we will file an appearance with the Court to signify that we are representing you. We will take care of all the proper paperwork and attend all court appearances on your behalf. We will keep you regularly informed about the case’s status. But, please keep in mind that your case may not show any progress for a few months. Depending on the specifics of your case, we may also provide assistance with debt settlement negotiations. We will represent you in all legal matters related to your credit card company defense case and make sure that your rights are protected. If you’re still undecided, please take a look at our many great client reviews.

Credit card companies will reduce your debt if you work with us

We will work with you to identify any potential grounds for dismissal or payment plan arrangements. Our team is experienced in dealing with the courts, creditors and credit card companies to reach a successful resolution. We understand how intimidating this situation can be, which is why we offer personalized service throughout the process. It is our goal to help you find the best possible outcome for your case while protecting your financial interests.

Call a top rated credit card lawsuit defense Florida attorney today for help

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or worries about our services. We’re here to assist you in safeguarding your legal rights and resolving your credit card company defense case. We provide a free consultation. Our knowledgeable team will review your case and provide you with an action plan to help you succeed in your debt lawsuit and getting the results you deserve.