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Being Sued on a Credit Card Debt in Florida? We Provide Affordable Representation for Credit Card Debt Defense

With the rise of delinquent debt and the outsourcing of that debt to shady collection agencies, having an attorney to protect your interests has become vital. Every day residents of Florida with credit card debt are harassed by a number of collection agencies that commonly use unethical and sometimes illegal means to attempt to collect debt.

Credit card holders are often subjected to repeated phone calls at home and at work, threats of legal action, threats of jail time, threats of wage garnishment and worse. All of those activities are illegal and contrary to the rights afforded you under federal and state laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).



Many Credit Card Debt Collection Agencies often resell the debt to another debt collection agency or independent contractor who works out of his or her house.

When the consumer with the credit card debt is contacted by a debt collector, they are often informed the conversation is recorded, they want to tell you what their stance is, provide you payment options, and demand that you accept one of these payment plans paying by credit card or a debit card. It is important to realize that any so-called debt collection agency that refuses to give you the information you need is not a respectable corporation and should not be given any payment before consulting an attorney.

A few credit card issuers do not sell their credit cards debts but instead bring those lawsuits in their own names. Some of these credit card companies are: Capital One, Discover and American Express.

Do You Have A Capital One Credit Card In Default?

Is Capital One Suing You?

In addition to the credit card issuers, most credit card lawsuits are filed by debt buyers. A few of the most notorious debt buyers are: CACH, LLC, Midland Funding, Cavalry SPV I, Galaxy International, JHPDE Finance, Portfolio Recovery Associates, and LVNV Funding.

How We Can Help?

We first determine what defenses that you may have to the credit card lawsuit.

  • Does the debt collector have all of the required documentation in order to bring the lawsuit against you? (Having the required documentation to establish ownership of the right to sue on the debt is called “standing.”)
  • Has the debt collector violated the law in pursuit of its collection activities?
  • Has the statute of limitations expired?

If we cannot determine that you have valid defenses to the lawsuit, we work out a payment plan that you can afford that hopefully includes debt reduction and monthly payments.

Being Sued On A Credit Card Debt In Florida?

We Can Provide Affordable and Aggressive Representation for Credit Card Lawsuit Defense For Residents Of Florida.

We Fight The Debt Collector

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